What are Green Building Councils (GBCs)?
Green Building Councils are member-based organizations with no private ownership, that partner with industry and government in the transformation of their building industries towards sustainability through the adoption of green building practices.

GBCs are often involved in influencing governmental policy, sharing knowledge and information, organizing events and workshops, developing or adapting building rating tools to a particular market, and creating green building networks across the different elements of the building industry.

Green Building Councils can be found on in Africa, American/Carribeans, Asia/Pacific and Europe

What is green building?
A green building is a building which is efficient  in energy and environmentally responsible - right from the design to operational level. Green buildings make efficient use of energy and resources and reduce significantly the negative effects of the building on its occupants and the environment.

Building green involves the use of design, materials and technology that reduces energy and resource consumption and creates improved human and natural environments and also address the issue of climate change. These strategies in the building design reduces heat loads, maximise natural light and promote the circulation of fresh air; the use of energy-efficient air-conditioning and lighting; the use of environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials; the reduction of waste, and the use of recycled materials; water-efficient plumbing fittings and water harvesting; the use of renewable energy sources.

What are the benefits of green buildings?
Research has shown that buildings produce more than 40% of global carbon dioxide emissions, an important green house gas (GHG) that contributes to global climate change. Building green can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35%, compared to traditional buildings. Furthermore, green buildings can reduce energy use by 30-50%, reduce waste output by 70%, and reduce water usage by 40%.

What is the cost of going "green" as compared to traditional methods?
Cost of a green building is dependent on how green a building is, green buildings make use of effecient basic energy materials which makes savings on utilility costs and the overall operating cost of the building as can be observed through the buildings life cycle. This is achieved through clever designs.

Green buildigns makes for much more business sense because studies have shown that there is a higher productivity among employees who work is sustainable developments or offices due to more natural light, less toxics materials in the atmosphere and more importantly fresh air.

Why should businesses consider green building?

Green buildings can reduce their consumption of energy to less than half of what a conventional building does, with similar reductions in potable water usage, runoff to sewer and solid waste. By promoting green building, the Ghana Green Building Council can have a really significant impact on resource consumption and on combating global warming.

What is a green building rating system?

A building certification system is a green building design evaluation system. These rating systems have a predefined set of criteria and there are points for each one of these criterion. The buildings are required to fulfill the defined criteria and achieve a certain number of points to be certified.

Why Building Rating System?
There are several rating systems in existence worldwide, including Building Rating System from the US, BREEAM from the UK and Green Star from Australia. After a process of industry and expert consultation, the Ghana Green Building Council decided to base our Ghana rating tool on the Building Rating System , and to customise this tool for Ghanaian use, to provide the property industry with an objective measurement for green buildings and to recognise and reward environmental leadership in the property industry. Each Building Rating System tool reflects a different market sector (office, retail, residential, commercial etc.).

What is a project registration?
Registering a building project with a Green Building Council to declare the intent of the organisation to pursue certification under a specific rating tool and is the first step in the certification process. Projects should register as soon as possible during the project, though there is no deadline during the design or construction process.
Costs are based on square meters (sqm) of the development and whether the applicant is a member or non-member.

How to become a member?
To become a member of the Ghana Green Building Council simply read the instructions on the application form which can be found in this website, choose your membership category, choose your prefered membership fee, make payment and contact the GHGBC Secretariat.

 If you wish to receive more information about the GHGBC and its activities please email:

How to sponsor the Council?
There are numerous opportunities for all sponsorship budgets including:- Founding sponsorship - Networking events and presentations - Courses & Workshops
Is there a fee due?
Yes an annual corporate membership fee due, based on your membership category. Please refer to Membership categories and fees page.

1) What is the most important objective of the Council?
The most important objective of the Council is to change the midsets of the Ghanaian populace when it comes to green building. As one of its action strategies GHGBC is enhancing professionalism and knowledge in sustainable development, and the acquisition and sharing of 'green' Information, the Council hopes to further the private sector's commitment to green building.

2) How do we intend to achieve this objective?
The Council will achieve these objectives by
 i) using its website as a platform for information creation and dissemination,
ii) providing expert advice from industry leaders
iii) developing a case for green buildings, so as to place an interest in environmental sustainability in the profit-maximising behaviour of companies.

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